This package is recommended for families looking for newborn care. 

During an 8 hour overnight shift, we are respobsible for: feeding, burping, soothing, diaper changes, sanitizing/washing bottles, teaching independent sleep skills and much more!

Not only are you getting rest at night knowing your baby is in good hands, you are also investing in positive sleep habits for their future. When you hire us from the get-go, we can have your little one sleeping through the night by 12 weeks old! This is a very gentle approach over a long period of time. We implement independent sleep habits from early on which sets up your little one for sleep success. Not only are you getting overnight help, you also have guidance during the day. Day time routines are very important in reaching 12 hours of sleep through the night.

Your night nanny will execute a gentle independent sleep program and follow my guidance throughout the time we are working together. I will closely monitor her notes to ensure we are progressing and getting your baby sleeping long stretches.


This packages is recommended for families with infants over 4 months old that need help sleep training overnight. 

Nights can be so hard to manage and navigate- especially when sleep training! Whether you want help getting your baby sleeping through the night or you just want a night to sleep – we are here to help! After an assesment phone call, we determine how many nights we need to get your baby on a good sleep routine. From there, we come in the eveing hours to take over and implement a new program to get you and your baby the sleep you need. We teach your baby independent sleep habits and set them up for sleep success. We also provide you with the best advice and all of our favorite tips and tricks.

72 and Sleeping Through!

A comprehensive 72-hour service, teaching your baby independent sleep and a nap schedule while educating caregivers on sleep plan implementation, all backed by 6 months of unlimited follow-up support to ensure lasting success.

Danielle will come in for 3 nights and 3 days (72 hours straight) and do all the work with your little one to get them on a daytime schedule but also sleeping through the night!  Too often, parents find it hard to implement some of the tactics on their own- throw exhaustion in the mix, and it just seems like too much! We are here to come over and not only teach your baby independent sleep but get them on a nap schedule and teach them habits that last all through toddlerhood. We stay with you and any caregivers, teaching them the ins and out of a sleep plan while taking care of the baby and teaching them to sleep 11-12 hours a night. Follow-up support is included to ensure your little one stays on the right track and gets through any regressions or bumps in the road that may come about.

Your baby must be 4 months or older for this option.