About us

Taking your newborn home from the hospital is a thrilling and joyous moment, but it can also be quite daunting and bewildering. The Sleepy Pear is dedicated to assisting families with 24/7 support, ensuring a smooth transition during this time. Our team is always available to provide guidance, motivation, and assistance, making life with a newborn more manageable.

We also understand the challenges of sleep training when your baby is of age. We are here to hold your hand through the process of teaching your baby independent sleep skills.

Responsibilities of a Night Nanny.

We offer overnight assistance at your home for all of your baby's needs. Our duties include feeding, changing diapers, swaddling, soothing, and any other tasks that may arise. We are also available to assist moms in any way possible, offering advice and sharing our expertise. Your peace of mind is important to us and we want you to trust that your baby is in good hands. We understand that this is a special and intimate time for your family, and our aim is to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Danielle Dzierzanowski - Founder

Meet Danielle, the expert in infant sleep training and overnight care at The Sleepy Pear. With her experience and knowledge, Danielle ensures that both parents and babies get the rest they need. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, she specializes in overnight care and has over 8 years of experience with newborns, toddlers, and multiples. 

Danielle's passion for nighttime sleep began when her brother was born, and she was able to observe and learn from him. With an 18-year age difference, Danielle saw how important it was for her parents to get rest while taking care of a new baby and three teenage girls. She understands that life can be chaotic with both newborns and teenagers, and a lack of sleep can make it feel like the family can barely hold it together. 

With a BA in Psychology and Child Development from UC Irvine, Danielle has the expertise and skills to provide the best care for your little ones. She is committed to ensuring that both you and your baby get the rest you need for a healthy and happy family life.

Danielle is dedicated to helping both infants and parents achieve optimal sleep. She offers overnight care to implement sleep plans and teaches effective sleep skills to babies. Danielle has helped numerous families and understands the challenges and vulnerability that come with nighttime sleep routines. Her goal is to not only help your baby sleep through the night but also provide parents with peace of mind and much-needed rest.

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